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Large Scale Performance
No matter the size of the project we design scale ability and manager server costs from day one. Leveraging Cloud technologies and our experience we are able to accommodate your growth needs. We have designed database that have scaled to over 3M in users in size.
Innovation Technologies
We were coding for BTLE (Blue Tooth LE) in 2012 when iOS first came out with its interface. We also have Hap-tics and “mind interface” experience along with Dyno and large scale simulation.
Platform Technologies
Our Technology stack and skill sets include: objective-C iOS (native), Android (native), HTML5, Java, Java Script, PHP, mySQL, SQL, C, C++, C#, XNA, Pascal, Delphi, Sencha Touch, Phone Gap, Lamp, Windows, Unity 3D, Flash, Action Script, VB, BTLE, Haptics, Neurofeedback, 3D Studio, Maya
Quick Release Cycles
Plan → Design → Test → Release → Repeat: Following industry trends and best practices we strive to reduce development time and iteration cycles. As part of iteration cycles all projects have three driving components, time, budget and features you determine the importance.

Speed-to-market, value and confidence through innovation with DT-7.

We understand that when delivering technology and apps that time is of the essence. That's why when it makes sense we break projects up into faster iteration cycles allowing for quick MVP and market testing.
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Not all projects are good candidates for rapid MVP's, some projects may need a larger and richer feature set to accommodate the market need.