• Dennie (founder of Dev Team 7) has a clear understanding of software development principles and his ability to apply them to solve problems reflects his excellent analytical abilities. His desire to share his knowledge with his peers and clarity in communicating his ideas and ability to systematically deal with a problem at hand makes him and Dev Team 7 ideal for team work. - Julie G / Radius Alert Systems, Inc.
  • Working with Dennie (and Dev Team 7) has truly been serendipity. I had the vision for Lasso Tag and he was able to bring it to life. - Dennis L. / Lasso Tag
  • ...the project is indeed a success. Thank you - Paul M.
  • Thanks again the update works great. - Classic Car Spotter Team

about us

Software Development and Video Games - that's what we do...

Dev Team 7 was founded n 2007 by Dennie Guy. With its starting roots in consulting and software development Dennie has been acting CTO for four different companies over the last 10 years. Today, Dev Team 7 is made up of 4 team members. Three developers and one talented artist.

From the start Dennie's vision has been to manage and run a small elite team with a focus on quality. Dev Team 7 does not take on every project, rather the client or team behind the project is of up most importance when considering an opportunity. Though we have completed many projects, the success of a project is in direct relation to the team and their ability to deliver.

Key Highlights for Dev Team 7:
-Over 20 apps in the last 3 years
-Career record of over 100 video games (web, PC, iOS, Android, XNA)
-Each team member has 10+ years development experience
-Founder has near 20 years experience
-Design and implement cloud solution that grew to 3+ million users
-Engineered 16 games to work with a mind interface device
-Worked on 3 titles for Haptic Device

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