Industry Thoughts

  • (2014) What's next for Apps?
    One of the latest rapid growing technologies is GEO fencing or some times stated as Beacons. This technology is built on BTLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy). BTLE is blue tooth 4.0 which is a very low energy consumption communication protocol that allows small amounts of data to be sent between 2 device (like a 'fob' to a phone). There are several players that have emerged since 2011, Lasso Tag, Tile, iBeacons, Qualcomm just to name a few.

    This type of technology opens up many facets for communicating with customers who are carrying smart devices as well as ways to prevent device loss. A few of the current uses include coupon delivery to a device when a customer enters a store, AD delivery when a customer walks near a store front, and loss prevention as with Lasso Tag for tracking movement of items like backpacks via your smart device.

    Dev Team 7 has been developing for BTLE since 2012. If you have a project that needs BTLE ability then contact us for quote and 15% development cost reduction during our BTLE promotion.
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